Is this a one of a kind event for you, your loved one or your friends?   Would you like to simply make sure that every detail and every element is covered so you have no worries at all?  

Consider the following options:

  • Rose wraps for each place setting
          $15.00 per setting

  • Children's menus
          $5.00 per child

  • Pet menus
          $5.00 per pet  (Pets are like children, and vice versa!)

  • Specialized Romantic Presentation of Pictures with Music via Laptop
          $25.00 per couple

  • Photos Taken and Framed of your Evening
           $40.00 for 2 frames and photos per couple

  • Champagne Service with Engraved Glassware (requires advance notice) 
          $125.00 to $300.00  (contact us for champagne choices) per                             couple

  • Grand Marnier Coffee Service
          $25.00 per couple  

Contact us for more information!

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